Practice Group Instructions for New Students


When these are held

-Every Wednesday morning at 10 am PDT which is 1 pm EST
-the second and fourth wednesday evening of the week at 5 pm PDT, which is 8 EST.

How to get ready

You will need to go to
The go to Groups
Then go to New ISC Wednesday Practice Groups

You’ll find the Maestroconference link:

Get your phone and pin. Record it in a safe place.

What to expect

The groups usually last about 1.5 to 2 hours. Plan on two hours just in case. Always good to not have to rush off after a reading or class if possible.

The practice groups are run in a very similar way to how we have already been practicing as a group. This means if you have been in class and practices a group reading once or twice you are ready to begin practicing.

When you arrive, just let the group facilitator know you are new to the groups and the facilitator will walk you through the process.

You’ll just conduct yourself as you do in class. This means, push yourself to speak up, practice and use the techniques you have learned and are learning. Use your own tools to work your own pictures and heal yourself. Don’t try to solicit questions, they will have a chance to give feedback at the end. Don’t use other outside tools like tarot cards or google information you get.

Everyone can just speak up. Sometimes the more advanced students need to be reminded to keep their responses to a minute at a time. It’s better to speak up

Please show up on time. If you’re a few minutes late that’s ok but don’t come in later then 20 minutes. If you need to leave a bit early, that’s Ok, but hit 5 to let the facilitator know.

This group is specifically designed for beginners, even though there are all levels. There will be a volunteer from outside (sometimes they are other students, often times not) but they have been advised this is a practice group and they are there mostly to experience the process, they are told this is not a professional level reading.

Joining in on the groups will really enhance your practice. There will be distractions of course as happens when ever reading in a group but there will be many benefits.
Please let me know if you have any questions at You can also email the overall practice group coordinator, Kayla, at

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