3629323927?profile=originalThis is a private group for those students wishing to participate in the ISC Wednesday Private Practice group. Also  If you were enrolled in the group before please put yourself into this group. You will be approved soon after you add yourself. The add button should be at the bottom of this page. 

Registration Link, Back Up Numbers, & Call In Info


Wednesday Morning Every Week

10 am PDT which is 1 pm EST

2nd & 4th Wednesday of Month

5 pm PDT which is 8 pm PDT

MaestroConference Registration Link:


Back Up Numbers:

+1 (619) 309-1058   PIN: 612844

+1 (323) 393-4046   PIN: 625280

Instructions for calling in:


Practice Group Coordinator

Kayla Bulgatz 312-330-8749 or kbulgatz56@gmail.com


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  • Thank you Maureen! Hope to connect with you soon:-)

  • Hi Pili, It was great to see your name on my computer screen & I did notice that you didn't stay. Thank you for letting me know what happened. I also noticed some "interference" energy as well as static in the beginning. I had to call in 3 times before I could eliminate the static. Maestroconference has improved their Skype connections, so I would try that this evening. Hope to connect with you again! Much love:)

  • Hi!! I tried to connect today but I couldn't hear anything, only background noise :( sniff, sniff... I hope I can get through in the evening practice, maybe I'll use Skype. 

  • You all are the best!! THX! :) I have poor cell reception, so Skype is clear & loud. :) I will look for an extension for my Logitech camera/mic so I can run line to my table were it is much more comfortable to sit for readings, then my desk top pc. I'm highly sensitive to WI FI, so I use hard wires/cables = old school. :)My Skype is: skype7Becky

  • :) I should probably try Skype for it, too. Some parts of the call are kind of hard to hear on my phone; so Skype might be more clear. Thanks, Becky!!!! :D

  • I did a test run & got Skype to work just fine!! YEA!

  • Sundrop, Debra & Tim,
    I look fwd to getting my Skype up for next time I can join Wed practice group! WED reads gives me such a positive transformative energy boost, I appreciate it so much! :)

  • Hi Becky,

    I looked it up on the Maestro site to be sure. It's not in the info we received, as I might have used Skype, too. But here are the details below. You CAN use Skype for free after all. See this:

    Skype to Skype: Add mcdirect1 or maestro4294 to your Skype contacts (it is recommended that this is done at least a day or more before the conference.) Note: Calling with Skype works only on PC and Mac desktop computers, not on mobile devices (iOS or Android).
    When you are ready to login to the conference, “call” the Skype contact you added for MaestroConference.
    To input your PIN, you need to left click with your mouse on the Call button on the dashboard at the top of your Skype screen (not the green button under the contact), scroll down and click on Show Dial Pad.

  • Becky, I did a copy & paste of directions on MaestroConference:

    You can connect to your MaestroConference event for free using Skype. If you (or your host) have a standard subscription or above, you can add our Skype identities at no charge. Note that there is a limit of 50 people who can use it at any one time across all of our customers. Here's how to do it:

    Search Skype for mcdirect1 (you can also add maestro4294 as an alternative if you'd like).
    When the search locates the contact, click on it and press the “Add to Contacts” button that appears on the center of the screen.
    Hit “Send” to send the default contact request message. (No need to customize the message; only a computer will read it!)
    The new Maestro Conference contact will have a shaded question mark next to it, indicating that this Skype user has not yet shared contact details with you. (Don’t worry; we’ll fix this in a minute!)
    When you’re ready to call in, right-click on the contact in your list of contacts and choose “Call” from the pop-up menu. This will connect you to your MaestroConference event.
    Alternatively, you could click on the contact and you will see two green buttons near the center of the Skype window: “Video Call” and “Call Phone”. Click the drop-down arrow in the right side of the “Call Phone” button.
    Click “Send Voice Message” on the drop-down menu that appears. (This won’t send you to voicemail; it will connect you to MaestroConference. Once you’ve completed a call to MaestroConference, the contact’s status icon will change from a gray question mark to a green check mark, indicating that you are now “friends.” You can just hit the “Call” button for future calls. Do NOT make a video call; this will needlessly tie up bandwidth sending your video over the internet. No one will be able to see you, anyway.)

    Thanks to Tim Kelley for discovering these methods for Skype access. Let us know if these work for you or if you have trouble! Leave a comment here, or contact us at support@maestroconference.com.

  • THX,for your response! No I did not read Skype was allowed. I thought in past it was mentioned Skype was allowed. Could be day dreaming.....
    OK, so if Maestro is considered a land line?
    then I think Skype might work with $3 monthly charge. Any chance you know if it would work on Magic Jack or the like? THANK YOU!

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Practice Group Instructions for New Students

WEDNESDAY PRACTICE GROUPS When these are held -Every Wednesday morning at 10 am PDT which is 1 pm EST -the second and fourth wednesday evening of the week at 5 pm PDT, which is 8 EST. How to get ready You will need to go to Seventhsight.org The go to Groups Then go to New ISC Wednesday Practice Groups You’ll find the Maestroconference link: Get your phone and pin. Record it in a safe place. What to expect The groups usually last about 1.5 to 2 hours. Plan on two hours just in case. Always good…

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Welcome to our new group page!

Hi everyone! Nice to see those of you coming in here! I was a bit apprehensive about moving to a new group but already feeling good about it as I'd like to really just have those in here who at least at some point would like to join in on our practice session. No problem at all if you can not do that now with your schedule. Also some of the facilitators are suggesting some terrific ideas for some additional practice groups or ways of doing practice and I hope to incorporate those in the months…

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