3629323927?profile=originalThis is a private group for those students wishing to participate in the ISC Wednesday Private Practice group. Also  If you were enrolled in the group before please put yourself into this group. You will be approved soon after you add yourself. The add button should be at the bottom of this page. 

Registration Link, Back Up Numbers, & Call In Info


Wednesday Morning Every Week

10 am PDT which is 1 pm EST

2nd & 4th Wednesday of Month

5 pm PDT which is 8 pm PDT

MaestroConference Registration Link:


Back Up Numbers:

+1 (619) 309-1058   PIN: 612844

+1 (323) 393-4046   PIN: 625280

Instructions for calling in:


Practice Group Coordinator

Kayla Bulgatz 312-330-8749 or kbulgatz56@gmail.com


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  • Hi, I just want to add that if anyone has any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact either Kayla or Debra directly. Debra's email is debrakatz@yahoo.com, Kayla who is the coordinator can be reached at kbulgatz56@gmail.com

  • Hi Everyone, I am listing the practice group dates for the rest of 2019:

    Aug. 28 AM and PM
    Sept. 4 AM only
    Sept. 11 AM and PM
    Sept. 18 AM only
    Sept. 25 AM and PM
    Oct. 2 AM only
    Oct. 9 AM and PM
    Oct. 16 AM only
    Oct. 23 AM and PM
    Oct. 30 AM only
    Nov. 6 AM only
    Nov. 13 AM and PM
    Nov. 20 AM only
    Nov. 27 AM and PM
    Dec. 4 AM only
    Dec. 11 AM and PM
    Dec. 18 AM only
    Dec. 25 ? Holiday

  • OK to confirm she did update that there will NOT be a group reading tomorrow. And yes, she did mean to write next Wednesday (August 28), instead of tomorrow. I asked if in future to please consider giving dates.
    Oddly enough our area here in South CA is having very slow PC & phone speed & some phone calls not going through at all.
    Any way, have a nice rest of the week! :)

  • Oh, wait. NOW... I get the email.. lol. Not sure why I didn't get the earlier one but I have one that DEFINITELY confirms it's NOT tomorrow but instead NEXT WEDNESDAY, Aug. 28 5pm PT. Now I am up to date and knowing when we meet. Thanks Becky and Kayla!!!! :)

  • Thanks, Becky!! Really appreciate the update!! :)

    Yes, it will be easy and convenient to go back to knowing it is the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings again starting next month. But ya, a bit confusing that the email you have says it's "tomorrow," Thursday. I am guessing she means next Wednesday, but now actually wondering if she does mean tomorrow, THURSDAY, LOL.

    Thanks for the info you shared!!! <3

  • It is nice & clear when dates/times are given for practice reads. :)

  • I got email from Deb no practice read for tonight WED the 21st. It will be next week 28th. Next month SEPT 11th & 25th WED PM will be PM practice reading.

    Nor sure if in Kaylas email she meant next month when she wrote the PM read for tomorrow....?

  • 2:07 PM (35 minutes ago)

    to me
    A message from Kayla Bulgatz to all members of 2019 All New ISC Wednesday Practice Group (for current students and Gradutes) on www.seventhsight.org!

    Hello everyone!

    I apologize for all of the miscommunication and confusion regarding the practice group schedule. We have our evening groups scheduled on the wrong weeks of the month for the month of August. This means that we will not be having an evening session tonight, but we will tomorrow. The calendar will be back to normal next month.

    Thank you for understanding!

    Kayla Bulgatz
    ISC Coordinator

  • Hello,
    Does anyone know if there is a 5pm PT practice tonight? Normally, there would not be, based on the info posted above as this is the 3rd Wednesday of the month. But I am a bit confused due to the changes mentioned last time. If anyone can let me know, I will be very grateful. THANKS!!! :)

  • Would be nice if at all possible to have some type of notice here on this forum, the night before practice reads.....sorry I do not know how it is set up, just an idea is all....Thank you!!

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Practice Group Instructions for New Students

WEDNESDAY PRACTICE GROUPS When these are held -Every Wednesday morning at 10 am PDT which is 1 pm EST -the second and fourth wednesday evening of the week at 5 pm PDT, which is 8 EST. How to get ready You will need to go to Seventhsight.org The go to Groups Then go to New ISC Wednesday Practice Groups You’ll find the Maestroconference link: Get your phone and pin. Record it in a safe place. What to expect The groups usually last about 1.5 to 2 hours. Plan on two hours just in case. Always good…

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Welcome to our new group page!

Hi everyone! Nice to see those of you coming in here! I was a bit apprehensive about moving to a new group but already feeling good about it as I'd like to really just have those in here who at least at some point would like to join in on our practice session. No problem at all if you can not do that now with your schedule. Also some of the facilitators are suggesting some terrific ideas for some additional practice groups or ways of doing practice and I hope to incorporate those in the months…

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