3629323927?profile=originalThis is a private group for those students wishing to participate in the ISC Wednesday Private Practice group. Also  If you were enrolled in the group before please put yourself into this group. You will be approved soon after you add yourself. The add button should be at the bottom of this page. 

Registration Link, Back Up Numbers, & Call In Info


Wednesday Morning Every Week

10 am PDT which is 1 pm EST

2nd & 4th Wednesday of Month

5 pm PDT which is 8 pm PDT

MaestroConference Registration Link:


Back Up Numbers:

+1 (619) 309-1058   PIN: 612844

+1 (323) 393-4046   PIN: 625280

Instructions for calling in:


Practice Group Coordinator

Kayla Bulgatz 312-330-8749 or kbulgatz56@gmail.com


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  • Becky, I am so glad that you showed up & gave readings! Also, glad that you liked the meditation. Next time, with more organization, maybe you can receive a good dose of healing.

  • Thank you Lori, I'm sure that you will have another opportunity to either do reading & healing for others or to receive. This was an experiment, but now we might have something on a monthly basis. All students & graduates are welcome to participate to both give & receive.

  • No problem Maureen, I was still half asleep at 8 am when I saw the email. I don't know how good of a reader I would have been then, though I was there in spirit! :-)

  • Thank you! I appreciated your opening meditation! :) I was able to do 2 reads & was fulfilled by that. I missed the bath healing but now look fwd to next time!! Super grateful I could participate in the time I had!!

  • Hi Lori, thank you for calling in, and so sorry that MaestroConference still had a glitch. The backup phone number never showed up on our control screen, so your call was probably placed in one of the "private Breakout rooms" Where no one else was. We also did some silent healing in a private room due to music not working. Maybe that is what happened. So sorry about that! We are just working out the bugs.

  • Hi Maureen, I tried to get in on the Healing Bath & Clairvoyant Healing & Reading fair to read using the backup numbers, as mentioned we could do in the invote email as an option, but when I called in I was the only one in the conference. No one there.

  • Thank you Maureen!
    Deeply appreciate :)
    all the info & all that every one contributes!

  • Hi Becky, Debra states that you just show up, meaning at the designated time, you just click on the little chat box on your screen. It should be in the Main Room chat box. Any questions, again, contact Debra directly, or if you have a target or object that you want
    participants to RV, that will be through Debra. Posting on this group forum does not guarantee that your questions will be answered. We don't seem to have a designated forum or group forum moderator. Some people may have opted to not receive alerts in their email box anytime someone comments here. I just happened to be online & might not be able to respond for periods of time...I am a volunteer like all facilitators. We do our best though..

  • I am very excited & grateful to experience this SAT class on remote viewing. I have never taken an RV class.
    I'm not familiar with chat style class.
    Curious how it will go.
    Looking forward to learning a lot!

  • Thank you kindly ~ :)
    Fantastic to see the dates ahead of time on this group site.
    Wonderful to have their emails.
    I so appreciate this group & all the work every one does for it!!

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Practice Group Instructions for New Students

WEDNESDAY PRACTICE GROUPS When these are held -Every Wednesday morning at 10 am PDT which is 1 pm EST -the second and fourth wednesday evening of the week at 5 pm PDT, which is 8 EST. How to get ready You will need to go to Seventhsight.org The go to Groups Then go to New ISC Wednesday Practice Groups You’ll find the Maestroconference link: Get your phone and pin. Record it in a safe place. What to expect The groups usually last about 1.5 to 2 hours. Plan on two hours just in case. Always good…

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Welcome to our new group page!

Hi everyone! Nice to see those of you coming in here! I was a bit apprehensive about moving to a new group but already feeling good about it as I'd like to really just have those in here who at least at some point would like to join in on our practice session. No problem at all if you can not do that now with your schedule. Also some of the facilitators are suggesting some terrific ideas for some additional practice groups or ways of doing practice and I hope to incorporate those in the months…

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