Hi All, in addition to doing practice targets on www.isc-learn.com, here is the main assignment for this week.

There is $400 somewhere hidden in my house! Your task is to describe it so someone who does not know where it is could take your directions and find this.

We haven't really covered this year, but basically you can just think of this as an "outbounder" exercise - the outbounder being the money!  You don't need to intellectually know where the cash is, you just know it exists and so you can write the words down "Location of money hidden in Debra's house" or we can give it a target number, lets say due tate which is 10122019, trace them, travel over to that number which is connected to the exact spot of where the money is. You can "move" there and touch the money. Be a few inches from it, a few feet or meters, above by 5 or 10 feet, across from it, etc. You'll want to describe the room it's in and where in the room, and all details. Sketching will be very useful. When I have your descriptions, if possible I may ask a third party to follow the directions to find it. Have fun with it.  (just don't do any mind probing of me please, already have enough activity and people in there!). So connect with it, not me!

If you'd like and are ambitious, you could map out my whole house and then show on the map where it is. You'll Probably have to do that through movement commands and putting yourself there.  Although you could also do this via 2d - sketch a rectangle to represent the house and then probe the paper, so 2 D and 3 D approaches would be good.

Attached transcripts here before class, preferably the evening before.



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