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  • this video # 2 Take control of your destiny with dreams
  • Dreams can heal ! and why it is important
  • just want to share my Video interview on dreams : we are being manipulated in dreams
  • Is anyone out there? Is anyone up for doing some dreamwork? I don't see any recent posts, unless I am missing something.
    • i do
    • Hi Tina! I just saw your reply. I am watching your interview with Riaan. Very nice!
    • hello Julie so sorry i just saw your message here ! thank you so much yah Riaan is very good. i just interviewed Theon on Past lives reading .
    • Dreaming is by far the easiest way I gain psychic communication and understanding of self. I’m interested to know more about what you’re interested in doing.
    • Hi Janae,
      Thank you for your reply. I would like to use this dream group forum for sharing dreams for feedback and interpretation. It doesn’t look like anyone has been on here for a while. Are you interested?
    • I just saw this! Sorry, I never responded.
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Walking Along a Moonlit Beach

I had the strangest dream a few nights ago, but only just had the chance to share it with all of you.In the dream, I was sitting down a moonlit beach ... one that looked very much like the image below. The only difference was that there was a steep slope from the sand to the waves, and the waves thrashed against it. Other than that, I was wearing a white dress, and though it was dark and I was alone, I was unafraid. As I dug in the sand, I prayed, asking God whether or not everything would be…

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grizzly dream

Last night, or rather, right before waking this morning, I had a dream, where I was in my childhood home, and I knew that my son was there with me. I walked to one room, and saw a black bear outside, so I thought that I should tap on the window and try to frighten the bear away, but it only became interested in coming toward the house. At that time, it turned into a grizzly, and I felt like I only had a short time to get my son and leave. I went into the office, for some reason, and there was a…

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Returning to that other world & Shared dreams

My dreams often relate to one another. I go to a dream land, which is similar to my current live. Events that happened in my past dreams often relate future dreams. I live two lives. I often return to buildings/places over an over again. I expect to enter one of these places in real life.I really need to keep a dream diary. Occasionally I will make connections, I probably miss alot because over time forget the details.Once I dreampt about people who my boyfriend recently began hanging out with…

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Returning topic - anyone could help me?

I have had a returning topic in my dreams for years. Not too often comes up but I am more and more curious about it.The topic is that I am going to an exam. I have not prepared for it. I am also late. I feel bad.(I was attending the university and finished it successfully long years ago. For about 10 years I have not studied anything in a course/school so I have not had any exams. I have not worked for 8 years approx. so not even work interviews...)In these dreams I am on my way to my exam and…

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