grizzly dream

Last night, or rather, right before waking this morning, I had a dream, where I was in my childhood home, and I knew that my son was there with me. I walked to one room, and saw a black bear outside, so I thought that I should tap on the window and try to frighten the bear away, but it only became interested in coming toward the house. At that time, it turned into a grizzly, and I felt like I only had a short time to get my son and leave. I went into the office, for some reason, and there was a very elderly aunt who had passed more than a decade ago, sitting in front of a computer. I knew she wouldn't be able to make it away from the bear, if he got in the house, so I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom where my son was. I grabbed my son, and ended up carrying both of them. Immediately I woke up. I don't know what it means. I've had this aunt visit me once before in a dream, and I often have dreams of bears. I even use to have a grizzly as an imaginary friend.... . Any thoughts?

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  • That is so interesting!! Especially that they kept coming to you, even after you blicked them in waking life. Well grizzly bears are scary animals so totally understand the fear, but a good reason that it could be one of your spirit animal, they usually work with protection. Not running away from it is probably step 1 of facing that fear. I wonder too if they represent something from your childhood that you are running away from? Since you had them as an imaginary friend in your childhood? Plus you were at the house of your childhood? Anyways, thanks for sharing :)
  • Since having this dream, and many other bear dreams like it. I decided to tell myself,before going to sleep,that I would not run away from the bear because it could not hurt me. When I had the dream, again, I started to run away from the bear but remembered to let it come to me. It turned into my living aunt and told me four things. One made sense, the others did not. After that dream, I have struggled with meeting, and not harming, the bears in my dreams. As a little girl, my imaginary friend was a grizzly, but once I realized that I couldn't possibly have a real grizzly as a friend, they seemed to appear in my dreams. The confusing thing for me is that, while I know that the bears are my spirit guides, I still have fear toward them. I am working on cutting out the fear. Thanks for the insight and, what I consider to be further validation of my thought that they are spirit guides.
  • First of all, the specific rooms of the house can have specific meanings. So you may want to look into that. But sometimes, the setting of the place may or may not have specific meanings. If it did, then you may look into what your childhood house represents for you. They say a passed over someone is a visit of people that are crossed over to come and visit and send you for the grizzly, I was listenning to something about animal spirit guides and they were saying that as a child, the animals that you used to be super drawned to or have "imaginary friends" are often your spirit guides. So it could be that or maybe something you are trying to protect your son or familly from, and feeling like you have all the responsability to cary (from carying them on your shoulder). Pay also attention to the feelings you had in your dream. Something you are being fearful of? (if fear was your feeling) and also, what does your office represent to you? Or the litteral meaning of an office as rooms have specific meanings sometimes as a symbol. The fact that you foind a solution and ran away, usually is a good sign that you seem to take manner into your own hands and escape from the bear, or what the bear represents. Hope this helps, sorry this is a late reply!
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