In the opposite sex's body

Today it came into my mind that 18-20 years ago I had a very interesting dream. It was very vivid, I felt everything, I could remember everything.

I am sorry for the subject but I was making love to someone (woman) as a young man. I remember still that during this dream I felt my body as a male body and it was working just like it had to :D 

So I don't want to go into details but think of everything and I felt those ;D

I found this experience amazing because I could never know/feel what it is like being a man. I am a woman with no interest in trying to be someone else, so the dream just came by itself.

Let's see what you think :D

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  • Thank you two both. This sounds pretty acceptable. More than just a dream. It is just amazing what we can experience no matter who we are in our physical appearance. 

  • That's similar to what I was thinking, since we are energy and have been here before than something could have triggered this memory that made  you recall this scene from a past life -

  • I get the immediate impression that this might be a past life memory that surfaced at the time. I may be wrong, but that was my first reaction, and I always go with that, so there it is! ha. :)

  • I am just thinking, it might be confusing. Quickly I correct myself. I didn't feel in a man's body, it the dream I was a man. It is a big difference. That time I didn't deal with the meaning but now I have a feeling it wasn't a dream only but something else... 

    (How I meant originally: as a woman I dreamt being in the opposite sex's body with the soul, too...:D)

    I'd be curious, if anybody else has had similar dream(s). 

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