Okay okay okay, hahahahahaha, this is great stuff. So I knew I was going to dream a vivid dream last night because I follow numerology and for today was intuitive premonitions and vivid dreams. As soon as the dream began, I was in a vehicle driving and I looked out the window, I believe my boyfriend was in the back seat, and I saw a huge tan panther walking in a field, i was looking at its rear end. I was amazed by how large the panther was, it was the size of the vehicle I was in, which I think was a car, large car. The area I was in seemed like I was driving around a village like place but it seemed to be more like a school, I kept feeling like I was around a school of sorts. I never got out of the car, but at some point my boyfriend wasn't in the car anymore. I continued to drive around these small streets in the village and was watching this giant panther follow me around. I never really got to look at its face directly but it did attack the car at one point. It leaped onto the car, the driver side, and wrapped its arms around the windsheild and door window. I ffreaked for a second but realized it wasn't really trying to hurt me. It was a big panther, did i say that already, lol, that stood out to me. When I woke up this morning I went to the computer to look up panther symbolism/ totem animal. YEP YEP YEP, I'VE JUST MET A NEW SPIRITUAL GUARDIAN/ ANIMAL TOTEM, WOOOHOOOO! so from what I have gathered about this is that my panther wants me to meet him and listen to his message.  I read that if it is aggressive or trys to attack it is telling you to be cautious of your buisness affairs. hmmmmmm. Panther is very powerful beautiful creature. I love discovering this stuff as I go on, so fun, so amazing, it makes me want to except what the day has to bring more and more. I attached a pic of my new cat Archie



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  • Awesome, Catherine! My animal totem is a mountain lion. They are very similar to panthers. I love my animal totem. It makes me feel strong and empowered, wise, and know that I am on the right track. :D

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