Psychological or Psychic Dream?

OK~ I am wondering what people think...

last night I had a very hard time falling asleep.... really, I had too much caffeine in the afternoon (which I know better not to do!)) ;-) and was a bit wired/stimulated from dance class.  So my sleep was very light almost the whole night and I was feeling a bit flustered, just wanted to pass out.

Well, at one point, I must've totally fallen out, or fallen at least into some level of dream state because what I remembered was waking up with that total feeling of fEAR vibrating thru my whole body. Do you know what I'm talking about? When you have a scary dream and you wake up out of it and your whole body is like burning tingling with fear?

What I remembered upon waking was that something was trying to attack me, like a spirit or something and the way I protected myself was somehow to end up in an enclosed room.... I remember literally pulling a latch shut to lock myself in.  I was enclosed completely then by four walls, a floor, and ceiling. thats when I woke up.

I don't remember the last time I woke up from a dream with my body tingling in that fear that.  Do you think it was just funky mind energy all gunked up from not being able to fall asleep (though I question that because I semi-frequently have trouble falling asleep) or was it a spirit? Does it matter to know or not know?

I was so relieved though when i woke up to realize I was dreaming.

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  • I'm glad that you figured it all out Kamala! Bravo! Also, I'm sorry about the situation, but I guess everything happens for a reason, it just isn't always evident to begin with. ha. Anyway. I, too, am really sensitive. I know why we are, if anyone wants to know! :) I used to not be, at all, but when I began opening up psychically, I started being VERY sensitive. We are opening up not only our minds, but our souls, so everything we feel, whether it be about a movie on tv or something happening at home, or one of those sad animal abuse commercials, all of it hits us to the core to begin with, so we're supersensitive. But don't fight it, its a good thing! It means your vibration is high! :D Yay! Much love and light dear and hold in there!



  • oh i'm glad you were able to figure out a connection. your last statement just goes to show that we are human and there is always room to grow and recognize certain areas of life. when we gain abilities to use our psychic tools it sure does help with these situations and ultimately it is our desire and drive to take hold and change outcomes. i'm super sensitive too! absorbing others emotions and energy like a sponge. well i wish you the best in finding a place.

  • Thank you both for your considerations~ I like that idea of going asleep with the intent to not be afraid because yes I was so isolated locking myself in that box ;-)  When I thought more about it, I looked at what was going on in my life that day.  I moved from where I was living about 2 weeks ago but have not found my new home yet so was staying with a friend in his spare bedroom.  Things were going fine there, I was sleeping good overall and starting to meditate more again.  Then his ex became jealous and suddenly wanted back in his life and there was all this communication about me needing to leave sooner than he had originally invited me (I did leave, yesterday.)  I think that night was the first night she was sleeping there. and I can see now how I, because of all the mixed energy from him, and her not even knowing me but being jealous and not liking me, I just stayed in the bedroom soon as I got home.  Its possible there was some direct energy I picked up from her that night sleeping and it could be that, maybe maybe not.  She definitely had "issues" with me, though not "me" but her idea of me.  Suffice it to say, I had gone to bed that night over-tired (all the moving around lately and change) and I think the stress energy trying to fall asleep made things worse.  So really, whether or not this is what the dream was, there is something in all of these recent experiences, possibly including that dream around not letting other people's energy shut me down or make me feel like I have to be pushed into a room.  Even with all my psychic tools, I realized this week, I'm still pretty sensitive ;-)

  • I completely agree with Catherine! She's always so positive and insightful! :D I hope one or both of us helped! :D

  • i will say that it seems many people are having these experiences lately that are very related, having negative entities and such, creating lots of fear along with physical sense experience as well. first you should write down the dream, the best you can remember, try to determine meanings and signs yourself, it may become apparent to you at a later time what was happening. what i seem to perceive here is that whatever was affecting you wanted you to go into the enclosed room and shut yourself in. when you describe the room having four walls, ceiling, and floor, basically you are describing a box. a room is a box. what happens when we keep ourselves locked up in a box? you know the old saying "Think outside the box!" perhaps you are really progressing within, and this negative energy does not want you too, it is saying "GO BACK INTO YOUR BOX AND BE AFRAID!" DON'T BE AFRAID. it can be very dificult to control being afraid in your dreams if you have not practiced being conscious while dreaming, takes much practice, and i'm not very good at it either. before you go to sleep, have an intent and tell yourself that when you dream you are not going to be afraid. this thing could be a side of yourself that is not wanting you to overcome some area of your life that you may have had trouble with. like i think i realized with someone else the other day is that the blockages we have holding us back from progressing can extend back before this lifetime for sure! this may be in reference to an area of your life that now is the test of time to overcome and move on! or it could be nothing, im just saying that is what i'm seeing, and i too have had these kind of dreams, as a matter of fact just had one last week that was so traumatizing that it affected me all day and i spent all day trying to examine it and figure it out because it was sooo intense i knew there was a message there. wish you the best and hope i helped. oh and what Davy said about it being a message from your subconscious is pretty right on with what im trying to say, i think that is where you should focus your attention. love and light gorgeous

  • Hey Kamala,


    This is very difficult for me to answer. One because I don't want to be wrong in classifying it, and two, something seems to be hindering my reading the situation. Usually what I do when I respond to dreams on here is try to logically interpret them then I read them. That way I have both sides of my mind working for the reading. However, with this situation, everytime I try getting insight, all I get is a haze. Like a smokey haze. I'm not sure what it means. But, logically, I cannot tell if it is a psychic experience. My first reaction is that it is, but I'm reminded that during REM sleep is when we dream, and because you spent the night only lightly sleeping if sleeping at all, I would assume the only sleep you got was REM sleep, which isn't very restful. So it could just be a dream trying to convey a message from your subconscious. But, either way, I would think that you do have a spirit trying to attach to you or bother you or communicate with you. Something. I don't think its just jumble. I believe it is relevant.

    Hope I helped!


    Lots of love and light!


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