Returning to that other world & Shared dreams

My dreams often relate to one another. I go to a dream land, which is similar to my current live. Events that happened in my past dreams often relate future dreams. I live two lives. I often return to buildings/places over an over again. I expect to enter one of these places in real life.

I really need to keep a dream diary. Occasionally I will make connections, I probably miss alot because over time forget the details.

Once I dreampt about people who my boyfriend recently began hanging out with that I had not met yet. I knew what they looked like and personal details such as drug abuse and loss of a child. When I described their appearance to him I was dead on. Then, within 2 weeks or so I spoke to the female and she confided to me about how she lost 2 of her kids because of drug abuse. 

Another significant series of dreams were about a lost love. This has happen several times over the years. My first love, who I dated when I was a freshman in high school, would pop up in my dreams unsuspectingly, without me thinking about him what so ever in my awake world. Then, after a couple dreams he would contact me out of the blue. This usually is occurs around the same time every year (early spring) 

Last year, when I drempt about my first love a few times, he contacted me. The strange thing was that he told me the reason why contacted me was because he had a dream about me. He didn't mention details, he claimed that he awoke with me on his mind and for some reason he decided to contact me and tell me about it. I didn't question him about it, because I knew instantly that we were having shared dreams. That day, I seriously almost fainted, which has NEVER happened to me in my life.

Latter that week, I was talking to his best friend and, coincidentally, he was "teaching" me about shared dreams and how to enter another persons dreams. 

Since then, I've accepted that there is something more to my dreams, and more to my mind. I believe that most coincidences are more then just that. With all the factors in this world... coincidences like those are so unlikely they must be near impossible. 


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