Two recent dreams with numbers

Hello Again, so now onto my two other dreams that I mentioned in my other post

--- several nights ago I dreamt that I had to protect a family of 7 people(mom. dad and 5 kids) from some bad guys.  We were in the families’ house which was kind of like in the woods.  It was a big house with grey siding. One room I recall seeing had suitcases and bags packed and it looked so messy.  I had to quietly get this family from the house to a car that was parked in a street beyond the woods. I know I was very scared and had to hurry them.  I felt like it was the witness protection program, but not really sure. I started to shoo the family out of the house just as the bad guys were coming up the driveway.  I woke up thanks to my alarm, so I have no idea what happened, but I usually try to end my dreams and I said that we all reached the car and got away safely.

Then last night I recall dreaming that I was watching a policeman getting shot and heard he was hit 14 times. He was in a light brown uniform, black boost, helmet and sunglasses(maybe a motorcycle cop?.  It was a sunny day and we were all on a sidewalk in a shopping center of some town.  Now again, unfortunately I woke up thanks to a bad cramp in my leg.  So this is all I remember but I sent healing energy to the policeman and said he survived and all the bystanders (like me) were safe and happy.

So you see, I clearly got two numbers: 7 and 14 which I don’t normally get numbers this clearly or with purpose.  Anybody have any ideas?  I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much!!

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  • Best of luck, Jean. I'm great with feeling things and sensing, but numbers aren't exactly my forte.

  • Well shoot me for not thinking of numerology.  Geez, thanks  for the suggestions! Well unfortunately the last number dream was me trying to see a photo that someone was holding. I kept asking what year was it taken - 1914 or 2014.  And I was getting annoyed because I could not see the photo and wanting to know what year. Finally I heard 2014.  Now I need to go look up  the meanings of all these numbers. Perhaps that will  help with the themes!

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