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  • Is anyone out there? Is anyone up for doing some dreamwork? I don't see any recent posts, unless I am missing something.
    • Dreaming is by far the easiest way I gain psychic communication and understanding of self. I’m interested to know more about what you’re interested in doing.
    • Hi Janae,
      Thank you for your reply. I would like to use this dream group forum for sharing dreams for feedback and interpretation. It doesn’t look like anyone has been on here for a while. Are you interested?
    • I just saw this! Sorry, I never responded.
    • what type of dream work?
      like predicting future events
    • Exploring the meaning of dreams for personal growth, problem solving, or spiritual growth -
  • I have a dream that my family along with me was searching something in a open space and my dream was with red sky and red background does it mean something
  • A long time ago when I was younger, I had a dream about a black, grey sanded like desert place. The sky was red, and the sun was black. There was buildings but they were burned and grey, they looked like old stone. I have a friend who had the same dream as me, I was wondering if anyone knew what this means thank you
  • Angela Baker.. there has to be some kind of significance behind watching black people dance and be at peace. Is there any way that you could have African roots? I think there was a message of spiritual peace among other borders.
  • Was wondering if you could tell me what this means. I had this weird dream, but it felt peaceful. I was watching all these people at a club dancing( all black people) they were having the time of their life. They were all so nice to eachother. Well when they entered this club, their hair or clothes glowed in the dark. I wasn’t in the party. It felt like someone had me watching them. There were no fights or anger. Just lots of love and fun.
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Walking Along a Moonlit Beach

I had the strangest dream a few nights ago, but only just had the chance to share it with all of you.In the dream, I was sitting down a moonlit beach ... one that looked very much like the image below. The only difference was that there was a steep slope from the sand to the waves, and the waves thrashed against it. Other than that, I was wearing a white dress, and though it was dark and I was alone, I was unafraid. As I dug in the sand, I prayed, asking God whether or not everything would be…

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grizzly dream

Last night, or rather, right before waking this morning, I had a dream, where I was in my childhood home, and I knew that my son was there with me. I walked to one room, and saw a black bear outside, so I thought that I should tap on the window and try to frighten the bear away, but it only became interested in coming toward the house. At that time, it turned into a grizzly, and I felt like I only had a short time to get my son and leave. I went into the office, for some reason, and there was a…

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Returning to that other world & Shared dreams

My dreams often relate to one another. I go to a dream land, which is similar to my current live. Events that happened in my past dreams often relate future dreams. I live two lives. I often return to buildings/places over an over again. I expect to enter one of these places in real life.I really need to keep a dream diary. Occasionally I will make connections, I probably miss alot because over time forget the details.Once I dreampt about people who my boyfriend recently began hanging out with…

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Returning topic - anyone could help me?

I have had a returning topic in my dreams for years. Not too often comes up but I am more and more curious about it.The topic is that I am going to an exam. I have not prepared for it. I am also late. I feel bad.(I was attending the university and finished it successfully long years ago. For about 10 years I have not studied anything in a course/school so I have not had any exams. I have not worked for 8 years approx. so not even work interviews...)In these dreams I am on my way to my exam and…

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