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  • I guess I'm just not good at seeing things in other things. Haha, all I see is wrinkles. I've always sucked at these things. haha

  • oh never mind the part where i say to scroll for the view of pic, it got the full image

  • WOAH GUYS AND GALS!!!! Light bulb went off, realization!!!!! So you know the meditation and dream I mentioned below, I think you may be right Davy, I think he is a guide or something of significance, I am really not sure. I am going to have to check on this now because this is crazy,,,,,so,,,,,,I am attaching a pic to this, I took this pic around December 2011 or Jan. 2012. I was hanging out with some friends dancing and listening to music (one of my most fav things to do just so you know:)) and we were taking pics, I took this pic of myself and when I looked at it after I took it I gasped! I immediately saw a face of a man looking at me!!!!!! The face is made up of the patterns of the pillow, but it is very clear it is a face of a man, and whats nuts is that I realized this face resembles the face of the person that told me I was going to meet them in my meditation and then we did meet in my dream! It's him!!!! I know it!!!! Only in the meditation and dream I never got to see his face, he was always looking down, but I know that is him. Look at the pic, you can see his hair, his eye and eyebrow, lips.....he looks very industrial 80's, reminds me of Robert Smith from the band "The Cure", like he is slightly wearing makeup, part of his self-expression. He definitely looks like someone I would hang out with or be attracted too, not sexually, just by his expression, hmmmm, now that I think of it, he does seem to be like a person in a band, maybe thats why he shows in the pic the night I was dancing and jammin. anyway, look at the pic and tell me what you think. All I can say is that a "knowing" is undeniable, all things are within all things and can reveal itself through another, hence, the pillow was lying in such a way that the patterns created the form of his face. I see so many things within things, I saw buddah in the tile in my shower, lol, believe it is real. well, I'm done going off again. May the force be with you......hahahahaha oh, if you have trouble seeing it, scroll all the way to the right and he is at the top right above my face3629416184?profile=original

  • I love it! Everybody thinks to keep a journal by their bed, but keeping a notebook on your person for those moments is a wonderful idea! :D Thanks, Martha!

  • I love lucid dreaming Geoff... If you are having lucid dreams and desire to remember you should get yourself a little pocket notebook and pen to keep on you for just that kind of moment, and when you wake write everything you do remember down immediately.  Sometimes more can come to you later, especially if you take down the details that are firmly in your brain.

  • Haha, yeah, they slip in when you're open to them. But sometimes the conscious mind just wont give up and wants to block it out when you "come back." Very interesting and insightful thought, Geoff!

  • Catherine, do you know all of your spirit guides? I feel it may be one of them. Or a master spirit who has something to teach you. :) Either way, tis wonderful! :D


  • Catherine,

    that's super cool!! Is it a person in body you think or a spirit (no body?) Very cool.

    Funny, about a month ago, I dreamt my ex was coming back into my life.  Sure enough, that sunday he showed up at our dance class. A week later, he called me and said he wanted to talk.  Def a psychic dream. These last 2 weeks, almost everytime I meditate and release him from my space, or just look at him psychically, he calls or texts. Very funny.

    Anyways, I'm curious to hear if you meet this person in your dream-time or meditation space again ;-)

  • Two nights ago before I fell asleep, I meditated. I met a person in my meditation and they told me that we were actually going to meet. I questioned him and asked if I was suppose to really believe this was true, and he said yes. It took me about an hour before I fell asleep. Guess what!!!! We did meet! In my dream, hahahaha. I was outside by a large body of water, kind of reminded of where I grew up in Florida. I saw him and remembered saying "Wow, this is crazy, I guess we did meet." All we did in the dream was talk (don't remember what we said) and walked on this path of grass, like a maze,  and the path was right below the surface of the water. I think we were at a large bay of the Gulf of Mexico.  I am terrified of the ocean and large bodies of water, but as we walked around on the path, the water was up to our ankles, I never thought about the water except that it was awesome we got to walk on this path all over the Gulf. Anyway, it was much cooler than I'm even describing.

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Walking Along a Moonlit Beach

I had the strangest dream a few nights ago, but only just had the chance to share it with all of you.In the dream, I was sitting down a moonlit beach ... one that looked very much like the image below. The only difference was that there was a steep slope from the sand to the waves, and the waves thrashed against it. Other than that, I was wearing a white dress, and though it was dark and I was alone, I was unafraid. As I dug in the sand, I prayed, asking God whether or not everything would be…

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grizzly dream

Last night, or rather, right before waking this morning, I had a dream, where I was in my childhood home, and I knew that my son was there with me. I walked to one room, and saw a black bear outside, so I thought that I should tap on the window and try to frighten the bear away, but it only became interested in coming toward the house. At that time, it turned into a grizzly, and I felt like I only had a short time to get my son and leave. I went into the office, for some reason, and there was a…

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Returning to that other world & Shared dreams

My dreams often relate to one another. I go to a dream land, which is similar to my current live. Events that happened in my past dreams often relate future dreams. I live two lives. I often return to buildings/places over an over again. I expect to enter one of these places in real life.I really need to keep a dream diary. Occasionally I will make connections, I probably miss alot because over time forget the details.Once I dreampt about people who my boyfriend recently began hanging out with…

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Returning topic - anyone could help me?

I have had a returning topic in my dreams for years. Not too often comes up but I am more and more curious about it.The topic is that I am going to an exam. I have not prepared for it. I am also late. I feel bad.(I was attending the university and finished it successfully long years ago. For about 10 years I have not studied anything in a course/school so I have not had any exams. I have not worked for 8 years approx. so not even work interviews...)In these dreams I am on my way to my exam and…

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