Hi Amazing, wonderful, beautiful, brilliant, talented, and abundant clairvoyants! Under comments please post your drawing, sketches, etc. of our class space sometime during the week, prior to the next class. If you click on the icon that is a square (second one to the left, that will let you attach a jpg. or png. file. Just take a picture of your sketch with you phone and email it to yourself and then you'll have it on your computer and can easily upload it that way. Can't wait to see them all! 

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    • I love this exercise and seeing the creativity and energy that everyone is contributing.  This is the second version incorporating more of what people shared.  I chose to layer illustrations and photos as my hands are a bit shaky due to a medical condition.  The difference in the images speak to me about how our intentions set the ground for manifestation to come through and ground in our reality.


    • Just one more interesting coincidence.  The image below was a vision board I created at the end of this past year.  I find it interesting that there were so many similarities, while I also see how working in a group setting with the collective creativity allows me to see, feel, experiecne so much more.  



    • Wow Tammy this is an incredible piece of art! How did you do this?!! Amazing! :)

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    • Lillya, so adorable!!! :)

    • Lillya, looking at this makes me so happy!  All those smiles!

  • This is my combined interpretation of what everyone described in class. Hope I got everyone.  Plus I added the golden sun and the roots grounding us to earth.


    • I've always loved to doodle while I'm on the phone, and used to have a really big desk blotter pad on my desk at work. I always saved them, like a time capsule. Might even be some inventions on it  or keys the to my subconscious mind ;-)   Until now I hadn't considered adding color! Loved this idea, so much fun!  I need to go buy a blotter!

    • I love how you added in the colors and names too!

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