Welcome to our new ISC Healing Practice Group! The purpose of this group is to create a community network of healers to practice on each other, & offer a Virtual Healing Clinic to the public. This group was created for ISC students to learn about new events connected to our Healing Practice sessions, which tools / techniques we will be practicing, & also learn about the research studies that will be conducted about the healing effects that our healers & volunteers experience, & to provide a space for communication between members & facilitators. The main differences between this Thursday Healing Practice Group & the Wednesday Practices Group is that there will be a lot of SILENT, in depth healing for extended periods of time using tools & techniques not commonly used in the Wed. reading practices with some sharing of what we experience & differences in how we receive feedback from our volunteers. The structure & format will be a bit different in order to accommodate the group healing energies.

Healing Practice Sessions will be twice a month on the 2nd & 4th Thursday evenings to practice Energy Healing techniques taught in Level 2 & Level 3 Classes, Mediumship (connecting with high level Spirit Guides, Angels & Healing Masters), and Dr. Bill Bengston's Method of healing. This group is open to all students who have taken or are currently taking Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Dr. Bill Bengston's workshop, have taken the mediumship class, & all former graduates of ISC classes. A list of topics & techniques will be posted in the FORUM section.

If you are a Level 1 student, or you want to receive healing, or if you have questions about the group & what we will be doing, you are welcome to contact the group coordinator, Maureen at healingpracticegroup@gmail.com.

2nd & 4th Thursday Evenings at 5 pm Pacific Time / 8 pm Eastern Time

MaestroConference Registration Link: We can just go into the Wednesday Practice Group on MaestroConference using the same phone #s & PINS.


Back Up Numbers:

+1 (619) 309-1058   PIN: 612844

+1 (323) 393-4046   PIN: 625280

Instructions for calling in:



GROUP COORDINATOR: Maureen McEntire at healingpracticegroup@gmail.com

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