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Click on only once and it will give you your own unique phone and pin to get on call - Recommend writing it and taping it to your wall so it's always very easy to find!

Back Up Numbers (only use if your own doesn't work!)

+1 (619) 309-1058    PIN: 618887

+1 (408) 520-2444    PIN: 550737

+1  (310) 409-2027   PIN:  456875

Instructions for calling in whether phone or computer for International students  (we will only use audio).


Tuesday Mornings at 10 am PST (California time) which is 10 am EST (NY Time)


Feb 18              Class

Feb 25              Class

March 3            Class

March 10          Class

March  17         Class

March  24         Class

March 31          Class

April                  Class

March 15          Class

March 24          Break

March 29          Class

April 7               Class

April 14             Class


Class Recordings

(To be posted a few days after each class)

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