• Hi, 

    I am jumpin in a little late but happy to be here. I dont see myself as a member there. Am I in? 


    thanks, Sharon 

  • Hi all! So very very excited to be here! I'm in Seattle, but am truly a New Orleanian (born and raised). I've had a hugely ambivalent relationship w my own psychic/mediumship gifts my whole life. I'm ready now-I've jumped in with both feet (just over the holidays), have no idea where I'll land, but don't care at this point-just hugely relieved and released to stop fighting! Looking forward to getting to know y'all more and play.


  • Hi everyone! My name is Marie. I am so excited to finally understand what has been happening to me my whole life and STOP the thoughts of "this isn't real" or "there is just some psychological explanation for this" or "these visions mean nothing"! I have felt so alone and I am so excited to embrace all parts of me and get to know other people experiencing the same things!! *heart emoji should be inserted!* 

  • looking fwd to meeting everyone! thank you Debra !!

  • Hey! I'm Natalie. I live in the South Bay area of CA (technically Silicon Valley), but I'm right next to an amazing mountain range full of wild spaces to hike, with the ocean just on the other side of the mountains. My favorite places to be are on mountain tops, in forests, and on the beach with my feet in the sand. Just yesterday I was out hiking in a forest of ancient oaks on a mountain top, listening to the wind blow through the great expanse of wildness. 'Tis my soul's happy place.

    I enjoy connecting with spirits of nature and helping others to realize it's possible and even helpful for them to do the same. Connecting with nature is, for me, the ultimate deconditioner, helping me to remember who I am and not who society told me to be.

    I've been making podcasts for a few years now, so you can check them out and learn more about me (and my Earth Speak co-creator Shawna, who is also in this class) at

    I'm super excited to be connecting and learning more with y'all! 


    Earth Speak
    Learn to hear and trust your intuition with a community of people who get you.
    • What a beautiful site. Mine is ...Maybe you will watch my recent book interview at a pretty high/intersting vibe place Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. :) 

    • Hey, cool! I'll check it out! And thank you. 😊 

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