• That was the most fun "Homework" I have ever done!

    Hey everyone, my name is Rae, very much looking forward to the upcoming weeks and discovering new talents with all of you! See you soon!😉

  • Hi everybody, My name is Davina, I live in Sacramento, Ca.  I'm excited about this class. I look forward to learning new skills. At the end of the class, I hope to have skills to be able to look at some art that had been stolen a few decades ago and has yet to be recovered. Rembrandt Vin Rijn was one of the artist. Of course, thats not the whole reson for taking this class. I had been interested for some time and now is the right time. See everyone tonight. 



  • Hello, I'm excited about this class and look forward meeting you all! 


  • Hi everyone 🌻 What fun do we have ahead to look forward to 🥰 Looking forward to connecting with all of you 💕

  • Hi everyone, I'm really looking forward to this class and getting to know all of you. Talk to you soon!

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