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  • Anne-Marie
    if you have time Tuesday evening (July 19th )
    i am opened to do exchange reading.

  • HI Anne
    we can exchange reading if you like?
    let me know
  • Hi Anna,

          I don't have a mic or video cam for skype right now but feel free to call me on my cell (808) 349-7218.





  • Hi Annie-Marie,

           I am available on Monday at 9pm est. Just let me know how you want to go about doing the reading(phone,e-mail,chat). I'm not sure how members usually go about reading others.

    Thank you,


  • Dear Anne Marie,

    I am Michelle.  I am taking this opportunity to get to know people on this website in hopes of stimulating it!  It is such an amazing network for us!  I'd love to practice with you.  I am going to a hypnosis seminar next week but after that I'd like to work with you!


    Also, I wanted to tell you that Debra is starting 2 classes this month!  One is for beginners and the other is advanced!  Let me know if you would be interested in this amazing opportunity!  Taking these classes really is changing my life.  I feel like I have just woken up after a very long deep sleep!

    Talk to you soon!


  • Anna
    A reading exchange sounds great. You could also read my fiancee if you'd like. Since I'll be out of town...I'll e-mail you Sunday to begin arrangemnets. Hmm...How do we exchange private e mail addresses and phone #s ?
    Clear Skies
  • Hello Anna, good to hear from you.
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