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  • Blushes! Thanks hun xx

  • Thanks for the add sweetie! Your profile was very inspiring to read! I'm sure we will get on like a house on fire! xxx

  • I agree!! I miss you!

  • Cat!! How ya been?
  • Thanks! I'm very happy to be here.

  • Thanks Bisogno! Trying to get out of bed and its not happening so far!

    Wonderful day to you and everyone out there too!
  • Beautimous!!! :D Ok dear, have a great night! And sweet dreams!

  • Catherine, dear, your profile is..well, kinda frightening. lol But in a good way. :P <3

  • Haha, you're not the first! And she's ok. We're trying to work through the whole "ridding of negativity" thing.

  • Did you get my email?  Can I have feedback on my reading?  Thanks, ~April

This reply was deleted.