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  • I know!! I can't wait! :)

  • Hello Debra, 

    It's a new type of collaborative advertising and e-commerce technology software project. I've been working on it for over 2+ years, but with no professional experience in any of those areas no one is willing to take the time to invest their time in me nor understand it. Therefore, attracting an investor for funds to develop it has been an impossible task to date.

    It's like I'm the BIG white elephant,saying "Hello!, Hello! THIS IS HUGE, but no one still notices. If only ONE of those people were take the time to understand the concept, they would see its a HUGE opportunity to help people, fill their pockets and create new market. It makes me wonder if its timing or maybe I've just become delusional.

    Anyhow, thats the basics of it. I joined in hopes their were resources here to assist in developing my intuition. It seems that I'm still not sure what the difference between mind chatter and intuition is. Any references to resources to assist with this would be greatly appreciated. 



  • looks like this will end up on your wall instead of a message. anyway, i didn't do voice-overs, but i did a ton on student and indie films, then lived in TJ 3 years and wrote and made films there. now i'm back in michigan at my aging mother's request (she's 90).
    on the spiritual side, i'm just getting into OBEs and am very excited.
    looks like you built a nice site here. i look forward to exploring it.

    wishing you all the best!

  • Thank you Debra! You are always so kind, and so beautiful! <3

    Lovely to see you as well! :)))

  • Awww Debra you are so sweet!

    Thank you ;)

    Ive been modelling and doing TV Commercials for a while so my reel is extensive.

    Im loving the class btw. You can tell Michele for me or i will actually. I havent practiced this week because ive been on vacation and now am in Europe for work. But i will start. Ive had a meditation practice for years but sometimes a couple of weeks will pass that i dont meditate then i commit again.

    Im eager to develop my skills :) I cant wait to see more and trust myself more...

    Anyway, ill be in class with you IF I CAN this Monday the 15th otherwise on the 22 nd all will be back to normal again.

    Talk soon!

    sandra xoxo

  • thanks foR invite
  • Thank You!!!!!!

  • Hey Debra!

    I hope all is well, and I hope you got my email. I forgot to change the subject, but I sent it shortly after class. :) I'll "see" you Monday!



  • Oh! Debra,


    There was one more image that I saw during your reading. I didn't say anything, because I couldn't even begin to describe it. But it keeps popping up into my head, so I think I'm going to try to draw it, then email you! I don't believe I have your email, though. Should I send it to Michelle and have her forward it? Anyway, just let me know! Again, thank you for practice today and letting us read you! Ha, I sound like a broken record! lol


    Lots of love!


  • Dear Debra,

    Have you thought about making audio product of your exercises in your book(s)? Like guided meditations with your own voice ... that would help lots of us. I would love that. It just an idea.

    I feel happy for you all - so last practise was amazing... Congratulations for all of you! :D

    Have a wonderful day/night. Lots of love and light,


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