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  • yes i forgot about that last night. I did not expect any practice until Molly and Will came in LOL and then you and Tracy so i had fun again .

    email me at


    i will get everyone email and pass them around.

    i would like to send copies of something we can use to practice . I have been going to Remote Viewing group and never get a chance to practice so this will be good to share with everyone .

  • hi Glen

    you know what we should do is to have everyone put their email address and skype  at the end of the practice so that each one of you can contact each other for more reading exchange or feedback on the reading . i think i will have another one this friday. Its the only day i can do this coming week..probably around 3 or 4 pm pacific time.


  • thank you Glen for adding me as your friend.

    did you have fun practicing last night? You did very well! .


    i will do one this coming friday.

    i am opened on friday so might do this one long practice day .lol

  • Hi can I add you on msn? I'm very closeted you see haha
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