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  • Hi Michele.  Do you realize how truly gifted you are?  Thank you so much for the amazing reading you did for me.  There were SO many points you connected with and just the sound of your voice was soothing and healing.  You will light up and heal many, many lives in this journey on your spiritual path.  You picked up on one area in particular in the scanning you did and the problem I was having is now completely healed.  Thank you so very much for this reading and this very healing experience.  You ARE truly gifted!  XOXO  Sue

  • Michele,

    I would like to take this time to thank you for such an enlightening reading. I want you to know that I immediately could sense your warmth, genuine love and care. I was so thrilled when the first thing you visioned resonated with me right away, it was a lovely validation for me. I was extremely impressed by how accurate you were throughout the entire reading!!! Your voice was such a joy to listen too as you read me, it was comforting and allowed me to relax and be present. One thing that really was a wonderful experience, was the body scan you did. When we visioned the blue running through me from the crown chakra together, I could feel the sensation, my body literally began to shake gently and I knew we were moving energy! After, I felt so calm, light, renewed, and peaceful. Two days have passed since the reading and already things are looking up! The insight you gave me has helped change my attitude and thoughts to the right direction! I would encourage anyone to receive a reading from you! I encourage you to continue using those wonderful abilities to help others. Michele, you are a beautiful spirit, a radiating light, and I am so grateful for you. Thank you!


  • Me too, Michele. It's nice to see a face with the name. See you in class!



  • Hey Michelle,


    I just wanted to drop by and thank you again for the wonderful reading Thursday, I really enjoyed it! You did an excellent job. Also, I talked to my mom and the "listen" thing made her so excited. ha Apparently that was extremely relevant! Thanks again! :D


    Much love and light!


  • I love talking to you! LOL! :) YAY! YOU GO GIRL!! You're doing such a GREAT job! WOOHOOO!! :D Everything is always in Divine timing. WOohOOooOO! :)

  • Come and visit me in Las Vegas! We'll get into trouble together...hehehe...just kidding! ;). Sending lots of love to you!! xoxoxoxo :D

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