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  • I was thinking the very same thing earlier today - email addresses would be handy - I do have some questions regarding energies that I have a hard time grounding out of. It maybe just takes me longer.
  • I had fun and learned a lot about myself. I looked back at the transcript and noticed that I missed some validations for Molly. There are some other comments I would make about validations but I thik I will make a recording and post it on youtube and then send a link here. I loved the interaction with people. Look forward to the next one.
  • Sundays would work for me as well. Until I get my laptop fixed I don't have skype. I would be willing to see if we can get a group organized. You know what would be cool? If each time we meet someone brings somebody we don't know to the group so we can practice reading for him or her. Just a thought.....


  • Hey Tina! Great to get to know you too! We really should round up some of the Los Angeles people and have some practice. I think that would be awesome!
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