Wendy Lefferts left a comment on 2019 All New ISC Wednesday Practice Group (for current students and Gradutes)
"Good Morning...
I do not know what number I am supposed to call for the practice groups or the pin? I forgot to write that information down last time. When I tried to call at 11:00 am Arizona time which is 10:00 am California time... it said the cal…"
Jan 30
Wendy Lefferts left a comment for Tiffanie Craver
"Hi Tiffanie...
Thank You for your reading today! You did a wonderful Job!!! Keep up the good work!
Take Care Wendy"
Jan 12, 2017
Wendy Lefferts left a comment for Fred Thorp
"Hi Fred... I just wanted to tell you I think you are doing an amazing job in class. When you get information... It is so detailed.When you explain what you see, your words paint a picture that makes it easy for me to visualize. I really was excited…"
Jan 6, 2017
Wendy Lefferts left a comment for Fernando Arath Perez
"Hi Fernando... This is Wendy. When I was doing the reading on you... I did see a Mayan Sun, So it makes complete sense to me that you are supposed to go to the Pyramids with your friend.This adventure will shine a light on what your true purpose is…"
Jan 5, 2017