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  • Thanks everything was great actually, I would love to do a reading on You or exchange , I’ll txt you I have a busy schedule , not sure if you mind having readings at night but I’ll text you :)

  • Hi Maureen!

    The reading went really well. We read Chris, and then we made a healing on her.

    I felt really well with the meditation you guided us through, it was long and intense, and I felt relaxed and ready for the reading.

    We talked for a while waiting for the group you were facilitating, but then we had to leave.

    Thanks a lot Maureen! See you soon :)

  • Thanks, Maureen! That is so kind of you to reach out! And again, what amazing meditations you led!!!! Thanks so much!

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  • hi Maureen, my email is - it would be great to get that document we discussed. Thanks

  • Yes it was! Great to be friends on here- talk to you soon:)

  • Thanks for reaching out. It was great to meet you too.

  • Hello Maureen! I would love to do a reading exchange! I also could use some practice as well.My email is

  • HI Maureen, Thank you too. It was lovely to meet you. Look forward to being in class with you.

  • Thank you

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