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What caused you to take the photo at that time?

What caused you to notice what is in the photo?

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  • Back in 3/2017 I went with a paranormal team to get some spirit activity evidence. We went to Pioneer Park in Mission Hills in San Diego. I used my cell phone camera taking pics within the area. I felt some high energy vibrations, so I just took pics where i felt where the energy was most intense. As you look at these photos, you'll see like transparent stick like shapes shooting across.. There's one pic that is still with an appearance that looks like its a straight up stick figure right in front of a long hedge that's about 50 yards from where I was standing.

    Back story of Pioneer park >


    Pioneer Park May Haunt You – at Least with its Stories
    PIONEER PARK MAY HAUNT YOU -- AT LEAST WITH ITS STORIES By Priscilla Lister Pioneer Park in Mission Hills is
  • I took this pic while touring through the Point Loma Lighthouse

    Back story of the of previous ghost hunt link here >


    Old Point Loma Lighthouse ghost haunt California » San Diego Haunted Places and Locations
    San Diego haunted ghost spirit house home locations including urban legends, cemeteries, businesses and historic places
  • butterfly Kitty

  • Here is a screenshot of a video of me asking for a spirit to come through on my recorder as I say Jesus's name. Look in the clouds directly above the recorder. 3629449925?profile=original

  • I guess I can't upload a video.

  • FlashMark_%20video-1479004866.mp4 
    Check all the small orbs and one big flash. There were some strange noises too. This was on Skype. 

  • Every time we have a session these huge orbs show up. We had to take a picture. We have a video of smaller orbs flying all over the room. This was on Skype. I took to photo of the screen. This was a few years ago. We were clearing stuck energies and asking for healing energy to come in.

  • 3629448904?profile=original

  • 3629447543?profile=original

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