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What caused you to take the photo at that time?

What caused you to notice what is in the photo?

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    • That's amazing, Sam Rad! What a beautiful experience and gift to you! I love that Ravens come to you. <3

  • Japan 201812347041277?profile=RESIZE_930x
  • This was taken back in February 2023. I just graduated, it's been a while since I had my license for massage therapy. It was an extensive course. My mother would've been proud... it really was different from the last school I attended.  I was taking a picture for my friends in the mirror, and I saw an orb fly by! It looks like a book! Lol I literally saw it move. Actually I saw two but it doesn't show it in this pic. I actually have the video but it's too long to send.

  • Can someone please explain this phenomenon?

    Can someone please explain what this portruding, which looks like railing of a staircase, could be?  In real life it was a flat wall where flat TV was mounted.  Below that was a table as seen in the picture and nothing else.  I lived in this house for 4 years and never saw it physically.  I took the photo with my iPad in 2015 and uploaded it on my laptop and didn't pay much attention. Then Inoticed it as I was sorting my photos and opened it.  It's in both pictures but is vague in the lower one.  

  • My son has always been connected to the spirit world and he has always been very comfortable with it.  I have many pictures of him surrounded by orbs but this one is my favorite because his guides clearly wanted to be a part of the fun. 10085629054?profile=RESIZE_584x

  • I was waiting in the car with my two sons this afternoon. We were waiting for a third son to get out of basketball practice. I was feeling cute with my lipstick on and asked my son to take some pics with me. We shot a few pics 9998677486?profile=RESIZE_930xand I noticed the sun creating the prettiest rainbows so I took another pic, no rainbows. My son got bored and left the frame and I shot this. I noticed a male face by my hair. For context I spent the day clearing energy and asking my guides to help  clear my aura and guide me in general towards my sacred work. The face looks creepy but I was experiencing the prettiest energy just before so after I stopped freaking out I am now just curious.  Photo taken by me, 1/10/2022 at roughly 520 pm cst

    • I noticed what looks like a dragonfly near your child's elbow.

  • In the early 1990's I went to stay with my Aunt in Saint John, NB. She and her husband retired there from Ontario and purchased a 150 year old house for their retirement. My grandmother required 24 hr care and so my Aunt moved my grandmother into the house too. While my Uncle was back in Ontario taking care of selling their home there, my Aunt called me to say that the house they had purchased was haunted and would I come and check it out and stay with her as she was afraid. Knowing that I was intuitive and had previous experiences with the spirit world, I took three week off work and flew to NB.

    I arrived at 11:30 pm in the evening and from the moment I walked into the house, I could feel a presence there. It was hard to describe, but the air felt very heavy in the house. During my visit, I experienced many incidents. Often we would hear someone walking or dancing around upstairs in the house and there was no one there. While I had many encounters in that house, two stood out.

    The first one was where my Aunt and I were visiting in the diningroom about 9:00 pm and I decided I wanted to make some tea. I went down the hall, into the kitchen, and over to the stove to put the kettle on. Suddenly, the air in the room turned ice cold and I could see my breath when I breathed out. I knew that whatever it was, was in the kitchen with me. Not wanting to frighten my Aunt, I didn't say anything and went back down the hall and into the diningroom to wait for the kettle to boil. A few minutes later, my Aunt got up and went to the kitchen to get a cola and she came back rubbing her arms and said, "the spook is in the kitchen." I told her I knew, and that I didn't want to say anything.

    The second encounter that stood out, was one afternoon my Aunt, my Grandmother and I were having lunch in the kitchen and were sitting at a little kitchen nook in the far corner of the room. All of a sudden, I heard a loud cocktail party going on the hallway that led down to the dining room. It was incredible and defied logic. There was laughter, glasses clinking and people talking... all coming from the direction of the hallway. I was startled and looked over at my Aunt. Her eyes met mine and we both knew that I was hearing/experiencing something. (My aunt didn't want me to discuss anything around my grandmother). I waited until after lunch when Grandma had her nap and said to my Aunt, you heard it too? She said she didn't know what I was talking about. I thought she had heard the spirit cocktail party and she said she didn't hear anything. 

    The first picture is an example of the many orbs captured in photos I took in that house. The second picture is a photo I took of my late Grandfather (who was psychic) and my Grandma (living in the house) portraits, hanging on the wall in the hallway. I deliberately aligned my camera so that there would be no glare in the picture. In addition to the orbs, there is a light image around my Grandma in the picture, that was on the roll of film after I had it developed. The house continued to have strange occurances for many years after and then one day the activity stopped.8837915461?profile=RESIZE_930x8837914463?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • I happened to be strolling though these pictures but when I got to yours WOW!! I immediately felt a presence in that first picture. I just stopped there, getting chills. You can STILL feel and sense the entity right there! 

      Then I read your experience. Very interesting. 

      Best Wishes to You!


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