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Who took photo?



How did you rule our other logical possibilities for what is in the photo?

What caused you to take the photo at that time?

What caused you to notice what is in the photo?

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  • Oh my gosh! I love that house, Maureen!! Beautiful orbs, Maria! These photos are great!!! I hope people keep adding to this page!!
  • 3629421569?profile=original

    Who took photo? My mother took the photo.

    When? This was in 2005-2006, I believe

    Where? L'Ange-Gardien, Quebec, Canada

    How did you rule our other logical possibilities for what is in the photo? I have uploaded the picture to several "debunking paranormal photo" websites and no one has been able to fully debunk it past the typical, "it could be a light reflection". There have been folks who have looked into the actual pixels of the photo and concluded it hasn't been messed with. I knew that, of course!

    What caused you to take the photo at that time? My mother was on a tour in Quebec and they stopped at this house! It's known as the "Addam's Family House" and is said to be haunted.

    What caused you to notice what is in the photo? It's pretty obvious!

  • 3629421096?profile=originalThose are all such amazing photos!
    This is a photo of my daughter and I (in the corner) on Christmas eve (taken by my boyfriend). What I love about this orb picture is that you get a very close look at it's energetic substance and light refractions. My daughter has always been very open to spirits, angels and guides, and she has never been afraid to speak out whenever she encounters them. Her first shared experience was when she was about two, when we were getting ready for bed- to which she told me that she didn't think she'd be able to sleep that night because the night previous to that one, a 'purple glowing lady' kept tickling her and singing songs to her while in bed. This was much before I had any idea about the spirit realm, so it actually startled me at first! (Mind you, what startled me even more was that she was only two, and I had never heard her speak so candidly and articulately before! I had no idea she had the vocabulary to tell me this!) When I first glimpsed at this photo, I had a strong sense that these were the spirits whom were close to her.

  • This photo was taken at the meditation circle I usually attend on Tuesday nights. This photo just so happened to be taken the same day I was attuned to Archangel Metatron for energy healing. Archangel Metatron is known for the purple energy he radiates. If you look above me (the blonde a little left of center) you'll see a BRIGHT violet orb. There is NO way AT ALL that that should be there since the room needing to be dark for meditation has very, very dim yellow lighting. The facilitator of the group said that she was so overcome with love that she just HAD to take a photo of us (something that never happens) and she happened to snap this photo! Another interesting thing is that the girl in the wheelchair is SEVERELY mentally and physically handicapped and during meditation she kept saying, "HI! It's SO nice to meet you all! You're so pretty" and proceeded to name off a few peoples' spirit guides which floored everyone. This world is so amazing. <3 violetorb photo 1897866_762362120440928_1902091854_n_zps7a8b171a.jpg

  • Just fascinating! I always come up against my disbelief and the consider the mind-boggling possibility of its reality. What a wonderful gift for you!
  • Amazing! Betty, did you first see the orbs in the photo or had you noticed them through your visual eye? Really, quite something...

  • Love these!!! Why am
    I not surprised Betty you'd have such awesome orb photos? Please share as many as you like. You've got to be a major orb and spirit magnet!!!
    • Hello Debra! Have people been on here lately???

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