Share your authentic spirit/paranormal photos including but not limited to apparitions, orbs, ufo's,

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Must be Authentic and unaltered. Please share just your very best, not just any orb.

Include background info as far as the circumstances surrounding photo.

to include:

Who took photo?



How did you rule our other logical possibilities for what is in the photo?

What caused you to take the photo at that time?

What caused you to notice what is in the photo?

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    • Yes. Very cool!

  • Melissa took this pic, our star watching/meditation group. We all our gathering for the C5 Dr. Steven Greer to connect with UAP's otherwise known as extra terrestrial.  We take pictures of the sky too but we have found interesting shapes /orbs this way as well. 
    Oct 2020

    we all just meditated 

    we all our asking for communication and want to be peaceful ambassadors for them.


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  • I took this photo at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto on a Ghost Tour for Hallowen on Oct 29 2017. This was at night, so no windor reflections. I took photos all over the home to see what I would capture, this was the best one showing the most orbs. Interesting that they are clustered, in a sort of human shape.8091801279?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • It definitely does! Love it!

    • It does look like something is trying to form there.

  • 5301539672?profile=RESIZE_930xI just happened to be looking at my daughters photos and saw this beautiful orb! May 11 2020. We had a recent death and many have passed on I feel they are watching the grandchildren.

    • Interesting!

    • Do you know about orbs?

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